Oracle v Google

When Oracle sued Google over Android/Linux, Oracle’s shares were around $31 and had a little uptick. Now it’s down to $25, off 20%. At that time Google was around $480, had a build to $620 and is now back where it started, even, more or less. If that’s any indication, Oracle’s claims are not worrying investors much.

It’s a different story on the blogosphere. Detractors are claiming Google is an evil thief of ideas and worse. The facts are that Android/Linux contains little or nothing from Java and so copyright claims are weak and 88% of the patent claims of Oracle re-examined by USPTO so far have been rejected.

There have been stories that non-Apple tablets are not selling well but it’s a relative thing. The current volume of Androidian tablets ( and the growth rate of that volume is looking like Apple will be overtaken shortly. Apple sold 9.3million tablets in 2011 Q2 with 300% Y/Y growth. Android shipped on 4.6million tablets with 460% growth. In Q1, Android/Linux shipped on twice as many devices as iOS. Since the suit we have not had a quarter but sales seem to be holding up. Apple v Samsung has not stopped sales in Europe, either.

So, on three counts, price of shares of stock, score in the court, and sales of Android/Linux, Oracle v Google is a minor speed bump at best.

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  1. Ivan says:

    That is kind of misleading as the jump in goog is mainly from a favorable view (amongst investors) of their Motorola acquisition and it is close to impossible to judge how any stock is doing when the market is taking a solid down-turn thanks to Europe’s fiscal problems, the insane Tea Party, and the high unemployment in the US.

  2. They still will be challenged in court. The court agreed to wait for the re-examinations. It does not only take one. The judge has already told Oracle that its claims for $billions are hogwash. The worst that is possible to happen to Google is that some financial penalty they can easily afford will be levied. Android/Linux can be changed to avoid any violation of patent.

    Judge Alsup wrote, “Significantly, only part of Java and part of Android are said to embody the asserted claims. For example, the virtual machine concept underlying Java’s “write once, run anywhere” solution is not covered by the asserted claims and indeed was part of the prior art that predated Java. And, it is undisputed that the Java programming language is in the public domain and anyone was free to use it without charge, as Android does. The asserted patent claims purport to disclose only incremental improvements to the efficiency and security of the Java system. For its part, Android uses the Linux kernel and has many non-Java elements as well.”

    Whooooshhhh! That’s the air being let out of Oracle and Contrarian’s balloon. There’s nothing there. The judge gets it. So should we all. This is not a show-stopper no matter how it turns out. Remember SCOG v World. SCOG wanted $billions, too, and there was nothing to it.

  3. Contrarian says:

    “88% of the patent claims of Oracle re-examined by USPTO so far have been rejected”

    But some have been upheld and it only takes one, #pogson. Only one.

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