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Yes, GNU/Linux is on Desktops and Notebooks and Many Other Types of Computer

Zemlin is still joking about The Year of The Linux Desktop. He’s so busy catering to big business he has forgotten that most “desktop” PCs (Personal Computers with a GUI, say) are run by ordinary people like my wife (GNU/Linux … Continue reading

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World War III Will Be About The OS

We had the OS war about the PC. Now we are in WWII of the OS, mobility, thin clients and virtualization. No matter how this turns out there is another battle on the horizon: ARMed servers. Small cheap servers are … Continue reading

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HP: Big Changes

HP is looking to shut down its WebOS and PC lines of business. There have been stories that HP has not had much fun with these lately but they’ve barely started with WebOS and they are Number One in PCs. … Continue reading

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Still More Google-Bashing

You can tell when a business is doing well, rats come out of the woodwork to bash it: “It’s too big.” “It’s growing too fast.” “It’s acquiring other businesses.” “It’s copying what works.” “People who bet against it lose.” …and … Continue reading

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Office 363.5

Since 2011-6-28, Office 365 has been down six hours. I guess they should rename the product, Office 363.5, and I think M$ should not be saying the are “all-in”. Obviously they are holding back.

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