Apple: Judge, It’s Rectangular…

It appears that the evidence Apple supplied the judge in Germany to prompt the issuance of an injunction against importing the Samsung Gallaxy Tab was falsified. Apple changed the aspect ratio of the image to match more closely the iPad. The judge will not be amused… I can see contempt of court or some such penalty as well as reversal of the injunction. The judge might even be prompted to dismiss the case as unfounded. I cannot imagine what Apple will say to the judge…

  • We thought no one would notice?
  • It’s rectangular…?
  • We need to be protected from competition because we’re whimps…?
  • It’s not the shape that counts…?
  • My secretary PhotoShoppedTM the image and unlocked the aspect ratio…?

see PCworld – Apple Offers Flawed Evidence in Lawsuit against Samsung

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