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Gaddafi Fires the First SCUD

Remember the SCUD? Sadaam used them. They pack a punch. Gaddafi fired one at Brega and it went long. I would bet NATO will be looking for the launcher with vengeance. The SCUD makes the GRAD rocket seem like fireworks. … Continue reading

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Oh! Oh! Share of “The Cloud”

We all know M$ is all in and they made a ton of money in the past year, but, according to IDC, “the cloud” is growing like topsy: Year Expenditure ($B) 2010 $21.50 2011 $27.43 2012 $35.01 2013 $44.67 2014 … Continue reading

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Apple: Judge, It’s Rectangular…

It appears that the evidence Apple supplied the judge in Germany to prompt the issuance of an injunction against importing the Samsung Gallaxy Tab was falsified. Apple changed the aspect ratio of the image to match more closely the iPad. … Continue reading

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