Libya: Az Zawiya Falls to the Rebels

“Falls” might not be the correct term. “Occupied with light resistance” would be more correct. Gaddafi’s forces are holed up in a few strong points and the citizens have joined the rebels and are besieging them. I expect Gaddafi will send reinforcements to retake the town but he could just hunker down in Tripoli and wait things out. NATO is unlikely to allow Tripoli to starve. This latest move will cut supplies from Tunisia, leaving open only one highway to the south across the desert.

If the rebels can move men and material into Az Zawiya, they can hold it and use it as a staging area for an assault on Tripoli within a few weeks. Tripoli is only 50km away. If rebels can conclude matters near Brega and Misrata, they can send large forces towards Tripoli. The end is near.

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