Tightening the Noose Around Tripoli

Rebels are on the outskirts of Az Zawiya and residents of Tripoli are getting out as best they can. Food and fuel are short in Tripoli.

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In the blog entry below one sees families fleeing Tripoli and a police car captured at Az Zawiya. If the rebels can capture Az Zawiya, they can close down supply-routes from Tunisia to the west. Az Zawiya does not support Gaddafi and was in open revolt for months early on. Now, its relief is in sight. That should put a chill on Gaddafi’s supporters. Rebels have advanced in a week more than they advanced in months previously. Let us hope the end is near to save lives.
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4 Responses to Tightening the Noose Around Tripoli

  1. Linux Apostate says:

    I’m sure they’ll eventually beat Gaddafi, hold a show trial for him, and form a provisional government.

    There will be conflict and death in Libya for decades as the rebels splinter and fight each other for control. This usually happens when the West takes sides in a civil war. If we were being objective about it, we’d see that this totally predictable outcome is worse than Gaddafi.

    FYI Pogson, those London riots are because of political disenfranchisement and austerity, according to Laurie Penny writing for Al Jazeera, your number 1 source for fair and balanced news. That’s the same cause as Libya, isn’t it?

  2. Ray says:

    This is becoming a stalemate, months of war without progress. It just means more deaths.

  3. Not even close. The phony “rebels” in UK are without a cause except greed and violence.

  4. Linux Apostate says:

    Meanwhile, bad news from London, where the government has successfully suppressed the rebellion and various other rebellions that started in the other cities. The rebels have called for aid from the international community, but the UN and NATO have yet to respond.

    We can only hope that they will soon agree to provide air support, weapons and training for the rebels, who so far have had to make do with baseball bats and burning dustbins. Time is running out, because the government is threatening to shut down social networks if revolutionary violence breaks out again.

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