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Netscape Must Be Spinning In Its Grave

Remember the browser wars when M$ crushed Netscape by all means fair and foul because the Netscape web browser brought us Javascript which M$ saw as a threat to the monopoly? Google is beta-testing a native client that can run … Continue reading

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Tightening the Noose Around Tripoli

Rebels are on the outskirts of Az Zawiya and residents of Tripoli are getting out as best they can. Food and fuel are short in Tripoli. View Larger Map In the blog entry below one sees families fleeing Tripoli and … Continue reading

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Laugh or Cry – There’s Something for Everyone in IT in This One

Sometimes true stories are stranger than fiction. Sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes they make you cry. This one is too strange to make up. It would hurt your head. Recent themes on these pages have been about migrating … Continue reading

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When I read the title, Top 10 Things Linux Users Don’t Understand, I was thinking it was another attack-piece putting down GNU/Linux, users, etc. You know, the “technological evangelism” of that other OS. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a piece … Continue reading

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Google is a great company. They developed a product with high demand and a model of doing business that was original and ridiculed by many and succeeded. They were one of the few .com businesses that used the web and … Continue reading

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