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It’s Worse Than I Thought

I was reading a comment from Yonah about that other OS in China and thought to check some stats from my logs: grep “MSIE\ 6” access.log|wc 4882 113392 1220415 grep “MSIE” access.log|wc 27541 753686 8132177 grep “Windows\ NT” access.log|wc 82301 … Continue reading

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“8” Headed South

“8” has not even been released yet, but Phoney “7” which has and is the model for “8” has lost two thirds of its share of the smart phone market. Preston Gralla has the details and they’re not pretty. Since … Continue reading

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Lining up the Chickens

In the “Good Old Days”TM, I remember the times when we “processed” chickens back on the farm. Chickens, like many intelligent life-forms, are not programmed to die and serve themselves up on our dinner-plates. To get them to cooperate in … Continue reading

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