Lies and Statistics

M$ recently claimed remote code execution vulnerabilities were down this year in percentages of vulnerabilities and in absolute numbers. That turned out not to be the case. Remote code execution vulnerabilities were actually up year over year…

see NetworkWorld – Microsoft incorrectly claims drop in vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution

I anticipate a chorus of howls that the situation would be better if only the world would instantly migrate to “7” instead of clinging to XP, but that’s irrelevant. M$ claims sole responsibility for IT in it’s products and it is responsible for vulnerabilities past, present and future, if not legally, certainly morally. This is not “1984” with M$ in charge of revising history at the Ministry of Truth. They told us security was job #1 back in the days of XP as well… In fact most things M$ tells us are shaped to make M$ look good. That’s what a company run by salesmen does.

I prefer more openness in IT. That’s why I use Debian GNU/Linux, a cooperative product of the world working for us and not against us. Debian publishes all its known bugs and reports for the world to see so you can know the bugs that are out there before you install the software. A search using Google for “remote code execution” on reveals 157 hits for all open bugs, not just this year’s and for all the thousands of packages available. Using Debian’s index one can travel back in time to bug #50004 from 1999.

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