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Matt Asay FUDs Google

Matt Asay has often bothered me with his off-and-on attitudes to FLOSS and GNU/Linux. It seems to me that he sees everything as winner takes all when cooperation does work. His recent article, “Google dangles needle over Web Bubble 2.0 … Continue reading

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Phoney FUD

Sigh. Even CNN is running some FUD these days. A report is all over the web finding that iPhone users will stick with Apple and Android users wished they were iPhone users. The research? “In a survey of 216 mobile … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Operating System

In Nature, we believe that diversity of living things allows the survival of the fittest to gradually change the ecosystem as conditions change. This is happening in information technology. Moore’s Law and corollaries which describe the production of every more … Continue reading

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Fujitsu’s CTO: People Want Small Cheap Computers

His idea is more or less in line with mine about the format. People love small cheap computers. Apart from the expense of the touch-screen, the rest of a tablet is ~$100 worth of parts, so we get small and … Continue reading

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