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In Q2 2010, iPad had 94% of the global tablet market. A year later, iPad is down to 60% thanks to Android/Linux and the host of manufacturers and retailers pushing Android/Linux. At this rate, Apple’s monopoly on tablets will be gone before the end of 2011. iSuppli predicted that would happen a year later, the end of 2012.

Android/Linux is already at 30% share of tablets shipped in Q2 2011 and now there comes yet another version of Android/Linux and even better hardware…

see iPad share of tablet shipments fell in second quarter, says report

By the time M$ comes to market on tablets with “8” the game may be over. While M$ may get many OEMs to produce units, they will have to share space with widely accepted products from diverse OEMs in diverse regions of the world with diverse prices, not something a single product can overcome.

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  1. True, but Android’s rate of growth is 3X higher than iOS. This period of rapid growth will continue for a few years. I expect more than half of PC production to switch to ARMed thingies in the next few years. People love small cheap computers and love that ARMed thingies are smaller and cheaper, so the peak is not likely to come for a couple of years. This year, I expect Android tablets to surpass the iPad in units shipped. Others predict that in a couple of years. They’re wrong.

    A bunch of things are all coming together to allow ARM to displace x86 as well as saturating the market in smart phones and tablets: thin clients/virtual everything, cloud, smart phone envy, and tablet cuteness. People love these things and want to use them as their main machine or they want their main machine to be like them. In the meantime a cooler for a desktop PC weighs more than a smart phone. In the meantime servers are becoming sufficiently powerful that the best way to do more stuff is on the server.

  2. -hh says:

    As per the URL that you provided, Apple’s quarterly sales of iPads in 2011 is nearly 3x higher than what it was in 2010 (9.3M vs 3.3M).

    This is a huge growth rate, yet you try to characterize it as a ‘failure’ because there now are other real competitors. Sorry, but “Record Sales” are still “Record Sales” despite attempts at statistical manipulation.

    The pie is growing and nearly everyone in it are making record sales. This is because huge growth markets by virtual definition always include room for competitors to gain an opportunity.

    What the real test will be is when the market starts to hit saturation and this period of rapid growth of the pie comes to an end. That’s when we will find out who actually has a good product … and who was merely riding the ‘popularity’ coattails of others.

    And of course, for long term sustainability, the bigger question is “who is making the money”? As we’ve seen in the smartphone market, the market share leader in units sold isn’t the same entity as the market share leader in dollars.

    Real Winners are often defined by who has the best ROI, and not who merely sold the most units. This is the basic origin of the old cliche, “We Lose Money On Every Sale, But We Make It Up In Volume”.

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