iSuppli Predicts 72% Growth for Tablets

iSuppli predicts that tablets will ship about half the number of units as “PCs” by 2014 with annual growth around 72%. This will sorely impact Intel as ARM CPUs will run most tablets and M$ will have to compete strongly in this space with “8” to have a share.

In 2011, they predict 58million tablets will ship. That’s already impacting netbooks and notebooks. Meanwhile more smart phones are shipping than x86 PCs so there’s no way to avoid huge numbers of consumers valuing Android/Linux units which are widely available at retail outlets and advertised agressively. iSuppli predicts that tablets and smartphones will also take a bite out of digital cameras and music players. They are truly the new PC.

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  1. Exactly. “8” porting to ARM is a double-edged sword. Android/Linux can just as easily port to x86/amd64. Android/Linux being a more agile system, I would bet on Android/Linux having huge success. M$’s port is a “blessing” of ARM so ARM can also invade the desktop space.

  2. Richard Chapman says:

    You know, Microsoft wants to make a unified UI with Windows 8 across the mobile and non-mobile platforms. I don’t think their tiles will take off on the desktop but who knows (My Microsoft add-on product will need a new name,”Touch-Me-Not”‘s been taken). If Windows 8 could work on the desktop there’s no reason Android couldn’t. I’m sure elements of a mobile UI could work on a desktop but simply expanding the whole thing to fit a large screen isn’t a solution unless you had an equally large finger to jab at it… Hey, wait a minute…

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