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Notes from All Over

ASUS new $199 eee PC X101 running MeeGo, Intel’s take on Linux, looks good to me: Alibaba has produced a new OS with interesting features. Aliyun OS: can run Android apps… HTML 5 stuff… has 20 “cloud” apps providing services … Continue reading

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Quickbooks Ported to Linux

Intuit has an app in Android Market for Quickbooks. This tool is used by many small and medium-sized business for all kinds of accounting. The port to Android/Linux will allow Quickbooks to run on any PC with an Android port. … Continue reading

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US ATF Ran Amok Supplying Arms to Mexican Cartels

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has been found to have knowingly allowed smugglers to purchase 1900+ firearms including AK-47s, hand-guns and nineteen .50 calibre rifles in Phoenix, AZ and deliver them to cartels in Mexico. Several of … Continue reading

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