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Video From Walmart for GNU/Linux

“Requirements: Internet connection of at least 1 Mbps. A recent web browser, such as Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Chrome 7 or Safari 5.” No mention of an OS at all. This should work with GNU/Linux. NETFLIX, Good-Bye. Oops! “Please … Continue reading

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That’s what SUN Microsystems called Android when it expressed delight that Google was developing atop Java. Then SUN sold out to Oracle and Google changed to using a Dalvik VM on Linux. Now, Oracle is suing over lack of a … Continue reading

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ARM: Q2 2011 Shipped 1.1 Billion ARM CPUs for Smart Phones and Tablets

ARM’s second quarter report describes 25% growth in revenue, 29 new customers including 9 Cortex A and 12 Cortex M processors. This is proof that investment in research and development of ARMed devices will continue strongly for the next few … Continue reading

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