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How can anyone allow email downtime?

The title of this post is drawn from an article about yet another failure of M$’s BPOS system, a cloud service for business. Even though M$ gives discounts in lieu of failures of the service (and “Office365” will likely have … Continue reading

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As far as I am concerned, “8” is vapourware. Even so, there are rumours and facts emerging about “9”. no more 32bit x86 apps support no more legacy support one user-interface everywhee That should separate M$ from some its installed … Continue reading

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Today is the Day

M$ reports today. EMEA PC shipments are down 8.9%. US PC shipments are down 4.2% while global shipments are up only 2.6%. That cannot be good news for M$’s client division although other parts of the empire apparently took up … Continue reading

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