Top 6 of the Top-selling Tablets on Amazon Run Android/Linux

Shocking, isn’t it? With Apple selling 9million iPads in Q2 2011, one would expect a better showing for iPad which only made it to #7.


Amazon Best Sellers 2011-7-18 Tablets

It’s not for lack of trying. 80 sellers are listed as selling iPad 2. It must be price/performance… Isn’t competition grand? I like the fact that Android/Linux is doing well in the most Apple and M$-friendly country on Earth. Think M$ will do any better? Chuckle.

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  1. There’s a huge lot of love out there. People “hate” PCs with that other OS. People love small cheap PCs that work for them and not against them.

  2. Alex says:

    My Asus tf-101 arrived today and I played with it for half an hour. I bought this pad for my 4-yr old kid, but I like it so much that I am thinking of purchasing one for myself.

    I have a notification about android update sitting in the tray. Tried to run the update, but it warned me to charge the battery to at least 50% before proceeding. So thoughtful of it to warn me.

    I’m in love.

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