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Lowest Common Denominator

In mathematics that is a rather useful concept for telescoping some expressions, reducing work or speeding solutions. In IT, M$ seems to be gravitating to an operating system that will run on the small cheap computer as well as more … Continue reading

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Wyse Has Caught the Wave

“Cloud client computing replaces the outdated computing model of the unsecure, unreliable, energy-intensive and expensive PC, all while delivering lower TCO and a superior user experience. Wyse has shipped more than 20 million units and has over 200 million people … Continue reading

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Look What’s On Amazon.com’s Best Selling List!

That’s right folks. On 2011-7-17 at 0634 Winnipeg time, items 8 and 9 in notebooks ordered by “Bestselling” are “Chromebooks” from Samsung. Who would think that in this day of hair-driers and Wintel that any other concept would sell? It … Continue reading

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