6.36 Android Activations per second

“Page’s claim that Google has loaded Android onto 130 million handsets and that figure is growing at the rate of 550,000 a day really highlighted Google’s dominance in the growing smartphone market.”

See The Inquirer – Google announces bumper financials and 550,000 Android device activations daily

Think M$ is worried? You bet! At this rate, by the time M$ gets to market, Android/Linux will be the kid to beat, with a huge installed base, lots of mind-share, and a huge ecosystem of free and non-free advertising. It took Android/Linux a year to overtake Apple in this space and it will likely take M$ a year to get much traction so we are looking at 2+ years of Android/Linux expanding into a vacuum. The echos of that explosion will flow into the desktop/notebook space as well. Most folks will not see any disadvantage to Android/Linux for their personal use of PCs. Finally, Linux is being found widely on retail shelves. Hallelujah!

One of the things M$’s EULA forbids is benchmarking… Android has an app for that…

How’s that for competition?

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  1. 😉

    That’s the thing. I have been watching GNU/Linux for more than a decade very closely, first as a user, then as a system admin and now as a blogger. There has never been a moment in all those years when */Linux has not been gaining in features, performance and popularity yet fools still try to tell us that GNU/Linux is so tiny it must be ignored for a hundred irrelevant reasons…

    I was reading just the other day about a medium-sized business using 13 IT people to manage 7000 employees. It turned out that most of their duties involved keeping Exchange running on a cluster of servers… I can imagine how poor the support of 4000 PCs was. They were looking to save money by buying M$’s cloud services so their IT people could work on other things. Imagine if they had used GNU/Linux and needed only one person to manage the PCs and used Google to manage their e-mail… It is so sad to see normal sentient beings accept slavery as routine and not leave the cage even when it is unlocked.

    Fortunately, slaves expect nothing in the mobile realm from M$ and are rapidly taking up alternative computing.

  2. Richard Chapman says:

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get more interesting, it does.

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