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Changing Hosts Today

We will move all the files shortly so what you post soon may not appear on the new site… UPDATE Done. Had a problem changing the DNS…

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ITC Finds HTC Not Guilty of Violating 8 of Apple’s Patents

Some people see the glass half-empty. Others see it half-full. The case of Apple v HTC over Android/Linux is 80% empty and on shaky ground IMHO. Apple charged HTC with violating 10 patents and the initial decision is that 2 … Continue reading

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Price of “7” Premium is $56

An Italian retailer, Monclick, is selling identical eeePC 1215P with “7” Premium and Ubuntu. The price difference comes to $56 with that other OS costing that much more. Well, they aren’t identical, quite; that other OS comes in red while … Continue reading

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6.36 Android Activations per second

“Page’s claim that Google has loaded Android onto 130 million handsets and that figure is growing at the rate of 550,000 a day really highlighted Google’s dominance in the growing smartphone market.” See The Inquirer – Google announces bumper financials … Continue reading

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