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That Other OS is Sinking Fast

Wikipedia just posted its web stats. As biased as they are we know the site and its content… so I claim it is reasonably representative of what it represents, shares of visits to Wikipedia.org. month share change January 82.21% -0.31% … Continue reading

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Libya’s Tipping Point Has Been Reached

I think it was pretty clear a couple of weeks ago that the military situation has tipped away from Gaddafi’s forces. They have been steadily weakened while the rebels gained strength and territory. Today, the political tipping point has been … Continue reading

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Both IDC and Gartner Agree Growth in PC Sales is Modest

In a typical year, growth of PCs shipped would be of the order of 10%. According to IDC growth in 2Q 2011 was 2.6%. According to Gartner it was 2.3%. That should impact M$’s PC segment to be released next … Continue reading

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