Libya: New Offensive to Take Brega

The world has been puzzled by the to and fro action near Adjdabiya for months now. That lead to doubts that the rebels had any hope of success. Lately we have seen progress from town to town in the west but now it looks like a serious effort will be made to retake Brega.

  • troops have been trained and resupplied,
  • reporters are no longer wearing flack jackets at Adjdabiya,
  • 100 tanks are, sort of, ready for battle, and,
  • this time NATO will be informed the tanks are advancing…

UPDATE That was fast. Gaddafi’s forces have fled to a spot 20km west of Brega. That shows what a bit of training, supplies and backup can do. With the pressure off Misurata, NATO can keep Gaddafi moving backwards readily.

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