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Google+’s Explosion and FaceBook’s Decay

SJVN writes about it and quotes some amazing statistics. Google+ is growing exponentially at a rate something like 1-2% per hour. At one point Google tried to block new memberships but folks still found a way around. I’ve seen what … Continue reading

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Competing with Self

M$’s biggest competitor is its large installed base of PCs. Most of them still run XP which will be supported until 2014. M$ has been pushing people to switch to “7”. A comment on an article about that: Boris the … Continue reading

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We Are Moving to the Cloud

This site will soon move to a server in the cloud at RackSpace. We expect RackSpace will give great service at a good price. They are in NetCraft’s top 50 hosting companies. Hopefully, the transition should be smooth. There might … Continue reading

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