WebOS products do not run that other OS

I was looking for information on what products HP is releasing with WebOS and found this at the foot of a page about printers:
“WebOS products do not run Windows”. In a world where many OEMs “Recommend” that other OS, that is really strange wording. It could be a way to assert branding:

  • WebOS is not that other OS

What a warped world we live in that things like that have to be communicated…

It could be just boiler-plate because the term “WebOS” does not appear anywhere else on the page. Products I did find using HP.com’s search function mentioning WebOS include:

The “WebOS products do not run” that other OS line appears at the bottom of the notebook page of products but not the desktop page. WebOS appears nowhere else on either page. It does appear all over the tablet/smartphone page. Strangely, HP “recommends” that other OS on the tablet/smartphone page…

I guess HP is still getting the kinks out. The web pages really emphasize multi-tasking, and little else about WebOS. That is important.

I did find a note about WebOS and printing:
” The webOS print solution will support all network-capable HP printers that support PCL page description language in the local LAN. These printers include new HP ePrint-capable printers—Photosmart, Officejet, and LaserJet—as well as legacy printers approximately 5 years old or newer. ePrint requires an Internet connection to the printer. Feature works with any Internet- and email-capable device and will require a firmware upgrade. Print times may vary. For a list of supported documents and image types, see www.hp.com/go/ePrintCenter.”

Well, it’s a start. The potential for the world’s leading OEM of “PC”s is still to be realized when it comes to Linux.

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