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It’s Android/Linux, Folks!

Jeff Hoogland goes to great lengths to promote the idea that somehow Android/Linux is not a distro of Linux… JH RP Android’s kernel is a Fork So? Google took a snapshot of Linux and added drivers and stuff that changed … Continue reading

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Closing in on Wintel

ASUS is making yet another assault on Wintel with a tablet-with-a-keyboard unit destined to ship soon. This unit will be a slider with a keyboard built into the Tegra 2 ARMed tablet, giving greater ability to create content while permitting … Continue reading

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Closing in on Tripoli

Rebels are advancing on Tripoli from all directions today. Gaddafi has reportedly fled to the south to be more able to flee to friendly AU countries. He gave a speech the other day to 50K people at Sabha, hundreds of … Continue reading

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