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First Android/Linux Trampled the iPhone. Now It’s Overtaking the iPad

Apple did spark new markets but now Android/Linux on dozens of products is poised to overtake the iPad in units shipped. Android/Linux shipped on 1/3 as many tablets shipped as iPads in Q2 of 2011 but it is expected that … Continue reading

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Two Thirds of a Vulnerability Fixed per Day Implies Many Thousands of Vulnerabilities Waiting to be Exploited

Well, another “Patch Tuesday” approaches with 22 serious fixes since the last batch, one month ago. If they are fixing 2/3 of a bug per day, how many are the bad guys finding per day? It could be dozens. “7” … Continue reading

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What CIOs Think

IBM is a huge corporation. They manage their own information and help thousands of corporations manage theirs. They do periodic surveys of what CIOs of corporations are thinking about. At IBM, Jeanette A. Horan, Vice President and Chief Information Officer … Continue reading

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Web Stats for June, 2011

W3Schools has the stats up for June. That other OS is down to 85% share. Android/Linux has had 100% growth in the last six months, 300% per annum, while iPhone has been static, iPad has had 50% growth. GNU/Linux’s share … Continue reading

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