A short article lists concerns of business executives about IT in descending order of mindshare:

  1. Preventing IT security breaches
  2. Ensuring IT systems are used fully to maximize ROI of IT
  3. Understanding the full range of new technologies that are available and how to use them
  4. Making decisions about future IT investments
  5. Managing change in IT systems and infrastructure
  6. Dealing with cost constraints
  7. Planning for and recovering from failure or destruction of IT infrastructure
  8. Preventing misuse, day-to-day unreliability, regulations and standards

see IT Strategy Pain Points: What CIOs Say

That’s a pretty good list, but notice that the biggest concerns tend to be problems of that other OS from M$. Those problems dwarf the cost of IT in the minds of those executives. What’s with that?

Any assets acquired by business should be designed to promote the business not threaten it. One does not store flammable liquids all over one’s clothing store. One does not keep the dynamite in head-office. Why toy with a fragile IT system resulting from use of that other OS?

Research into costs of keeping IT systems going find that that other OS costs two to three times as much manpower as GNU/Linux and it’s largely because those primary problems are gone with GNU/Linux. Similarly, the productivity of users is higher with FLOSS:
“The average time spent on documents per user by day is roughly 3-4 times higher for Microsoft Office than for” Raising the priority of cost of IT also leans to GNU/Linux because the cost of licensing is $0, a big help to the bottom line. The whole stack of problems becomes problems of the best kind like planning for the future and optimizing what you have. Those are normal issues business should deal with. Fixing problems M$ creates should not be problems for most businesses.

Use GNU/Linux and change your priorities.

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