Tablets Nibble Notebook’s Share

No, Wintel, tablets are not a flash in the pan. They have taken hold and will not let go of a growing share of personal computing. For two quarters in a row, tablets have grown while notebooks have dropped in share. It makes sense. If you are consuming content, there is no need to lug around huge batteries, a keyboard, and a touchpad when you can have it all in a much lighter and less expensive package.

“With the top-five notebook makers saw [sic] their combined shipment drop 4% sequentially in both the first and second quarters, it indicated that the notebook market has been impacted significantly by tablet sales.”

see Digitimes – Taiwan notebook ODMs see slight sequential shipment growth in 2Q11

I expect this trend will continue as China’s next 5-year plan includes IT as a major focus. Energy efficiency and encouragement of modernization in rural areas tie in as well. The market in China is huge.
“A key priority of the 12th FYP is for China to transition from “Made in China” to “Designed in China.”” see APCO

I like the idea of “Designed in China”. It suggests the mindless propagation of that other OS will slow down. If OEMs produce innovation, including operating systems, then retail outlets are much more likely to display alternative operating systems as well. China has had for a few years now the goal of independence in IT. I expect that within a few years that will be achieved and the rest of the world, including the USA, will benefit.

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