Apple Unlikely to dethrone HP as leading portable PC vendor

I have great respect for Digitimes. They have their finger on the pulse of IT, particularly in China, but they are out to lunch with the story that Apple will overtake HP in personal computing even if tablets are considered in the mix. Digitimes’ story assumes that Apple will continue with a huge share of tablets. That will fall apart because Android/Linux is being pushed by more than a dozen players large and small, each with some variation on the basic OS developed by Google. What this will mean is that consumers will be faced with many choices. While Apple has a large and growing following, the world is much bigger than Apple and consumers, particularly in the hot emerging markets will love small cheap Android/Linux tablets and smart phones.

There is no particular magic that Apple has to prevent the same fate that befell the smart phone. A year ago Apple was triumphant. Today they are a follower in the crowd. Consumers did not buy only iPhones and they will not buy only iPads.

see Digitimes – Apple likely to dethrone HP as leading portable PC vendor

It is possible that Apple will topple HP on the basis of the iPad but it is much more likely that hordes of really neat Android/Linux tablets will swarm all over Apple and HP both. Remember, the first half of 2011, Apple mostly had the tablet market to itself. Now versions of Android/Linux designed for tablets are in play and big and small players are rushing product to market maxing out supply chains. Apple has secured huge supplies of components but the world is springing to produce more.

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