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Surfing with Tablets: Catching the Wave of Adoption

Everyone sees tablets as small cheap computers exquisitely mobile. Everyone sees some problems with adoption of tablets: very short product cycles, many choices, and different capabilities compared to desktop/notebook PCs. People can dodge the issues and avoid tablets, missing out … Continue reading

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Tablet Stats

In Q2 2010, iPad had 94% of the global tablet market. A year later, iPad is down to 60% thanks to Android/Linux and the host of manufacturers and retailers pushing Android/Linux. At this rate, Apple’s monopoly on tablets will be … Continue reading

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Smart Phone Stats

ABI Research has lately issued some numbers for Q2: 103 million smart phones shipped, steady with Q1 Nokia is down to third place amongst OEMs with 16.7 million units shipped Apple is number one with 142% Y/Y quarterly growth and … Continue reading

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IE Rots Brains… or Not

An on-line IQ-test secretly recorded browser version. The analysis clearly shows a correlation between lower IQ and usage of IE rather than other browsers. I leave it to the reader to conclude whether IE rots brains or whether people of … Continue reading

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UK Review of Governmental IT

The House of Commons has reviewed the government of the UK’s actions with respect to implementing IT and found numerous faults and made recommendations for improvement. On disasters: “13. On the basis of the evidence received during our inquiry, we … Continue reading

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AF447 Stalled and Did Not Recover

The BEA has a more detailed report on the accident combining flight data and cockpit voice recorder data. They also make some recommendations that images of the instrument panel be recorded, that the angle of attack be presented to the … Continue reading

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GetJar – Profiting From Free Software

“GetJar is the world’s largest free app store with over 2 billion downloads to date. The company distributes more than 150,000 mobile applications across a variety of operating systems including Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian and Mobile Web.” These guys were … Continue reading

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Malware Malware Malware

As much as the supporters of that other OS claim malware is not a problem with that other OS, businesses still make money profiting from malware. Avast reports that 49% of its 130million users run XP and 74% of the … Continue reading

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iSuppli Predicts 72% Growth for Tablets

iSuppli predicts that tablets will ship about half the number of units as “PCs” by 2014 with annual growth around 72%. This will sorely impact Intel as ARM CPUs will run most tablets and M$ will have to compete strongly … Continue reading

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Notes from All Over

ASUS new $199 eee PC X101 running MeeGo, Intel’s take on Linux, looks good to me: Alibaba has produced a new OS with interesting features. Aliyun OS: can run Android apps… HTML 5 stuff… has 20 “cloud” apps providing services … Continue reading

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Quickbooks Ported to Linux

Intuit has an app in Android Market for Quickbooks. This tool is used by many small and medium-sized business for all kinds of accounting. The port to Android/Linux will allow Quickbooks to run on any PC with an Android port. … Continue reading

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US ATF Ran Amok Supplying Arms to Mexican Cartels

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has been found to have knowingly allowed smugglers to purchase 1900+ firearms including AK-47s, hand-guns and nineteen .50 calibre rifles in Phoenix, AZ and deliver them to cartels in Mexico. Several of … Continue reading

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