99.9949 % Uptime for Google Apps in 2011

Google is guaranteeing 99.9% uptime and exceeding that. Google Apps is appealing to many businesses. “in the last week alone 38,000 businesses decided to give it a try”.

It really is unfair. Google can get 99.9% just by running a good application on GNU/Linux. On a cluster, doing better is even easier. With re-re-reboots, malware, phoning home and that other OS doing whatever it wants when it wants, M$ is at a severe disadvantage in the reliability department. From the end-user’s perspective, the openness of Google Apps also makes flexibility a huge convenience factor on top of the reliability. ““The initial reason we looked at Google Apps was cost savings, but the on-going value of access to information from anywhere totally independent of the device is where we’re seeing the real gain,” said Scot Adams, the CIO of Cadillac Fairview. “ M$ gives first-class access only to users of its own OS and desktop applications… That’s a shrinking market.

UPDATE An article on NetworkWorld reveals that M$ is holding back on “Office365” so as not to kill the cash-cow, M$’s office suite. So, M$, is not “all-in” but just wetting the toe.

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