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If You Have to Reinstall Your OS to Keep Your PC Running, Install GNU/Linux

If you have to reinstall the OS of your PC to keep it running, consider installing GNU/Linux to stop the foolishness. “Microsoft is advising users to reinstall Windows if they happen to be unfortunate enough to get hit by a … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Activations Exceed “7”

We were told that, once upon a time, “7” was shipped on an average of 7 PCs per second. Growth of “7” is about 1% per month. On 1400 million PCs, that’s about 14 million PCs shipping with “7” per … Continue reading

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Security of GNU/Linux Systems

I was surprised to see Brazil in the list of systems compromised by “Anonymous” recently. To demonstrate the compromise, /etc/passwd from some systems was published. GNU/Linux has a simple and reliable system of authentication which should prevent access to that … Continue reading

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Locking-in Wiltshire Council

When a government has to implement a solution from M$ in a hurry, you know something is wrong. They had to combine all kinds of disparate units into a whole and used facilities in “7” to do that. They had … Continue reading

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99.9949 % Uptime for Google Apps in 2011

Google is guaranteeing 99.9% uptime and exceeding that. Google Apps is appealing to many businesses. “in the last week alone 38,000 businesses decided to give it a try”. It really is unfair. Google can get 99.9% just by running a … Continue reading

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