ASUS GNU/Linux Netbook Imminent

“Asustek Computer will start marketing its low-priced netbook, the Eee PC X101, in July with models running on MeeGo available at US$199 and those running on Windows 7 available at US$310-350, according to industry sources.”, according to Digitimes.

There it is and XP is too dead to hold back GNU/Linux again. So is Vista. “7” costs too much in these small, cheap computers. MeeGo is a GNU/Linux distro developed by Nokia and Intel. While Nokia has dropped MeeGo, Intel is still involved and ASUS will ship products.

The difference between the new netbooks and the first eeePC? They do not even try to be like that other OS… They will be just as popular as Android smart thingies and perhaps faster, running native instead of interpreted code. There should be no “users return them” or “users resist them” FUD because we know smart thingies with simplified user interfaces are flying off shelves globally.

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  1. You can download it and examine it. It’s Free Software. Isn’t that wonderful?

    You can find lots of GNUish stuff in the download:
    /meego-core-ia32-madde-sysroot-1.2.0-fs/meego-core-ia32-mad de-sysroot-1.2.0$ ls usr/share
    accounts empty icons qt4
    aclocal et idl screen
    aclocal-1.11 evolution-data-server-2.32 info sounds
    alsa farsight2 intltool ss
    applications file l10n syncevolution
    augeas fonts latencytop sysprof
    autoconf games libprolog tabset
    automake-1.11 gcc-4.5.1 libthai telepathy
    avahi gdb libtool terminfo
    awk geoclue-providers magic themes
    backgrounds gettext meegotouch tracker
    backup-framework ghostscript mime vala
    bison git-core mime-info X11
    cmake glib-2.0 misc xml
    contentaction gnome nano xsessions
    contextkit gnupg omf zile
    cups groff PackageKit zoneinfo
    cvs gssdp pixmaps zypp
    dbus-1 gstreamer-0.10 pkgconfig zypper
    desktop-directories gtk-2.0 polkit-1
    dict hwdata ppd
    emacs i18n pulseaudio

    groff is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

  2. Ray says:

    Wait, how do we know that Meego has GNU in it?

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