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Small Cheap Tablet PCs are 20% of the Market for Tablets

Digitimes reports that white box makers of tablets have taken 20% of the tablet market by making small cheap tablets. Competition is good. If anyone drags their feet, they lose. see Digitimes – White-box players supply close to 20% of … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have To Make Difficult Choices

The dependence on petroleum as a motive fuel leads to some hard choices: Find Implement other sources of energy, or in the short term become slaves to oil exporting countries and have to make the other choice sooner or later. … Continue reading

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Wanted, Dead or Alive: Gaddafi

The International Criminal Court has produced arrest warrants for Gaddafi, his son, Saif and the chief of intelligence, Senussi. Full details are here. Depending on how quickly this warrant can be executed, the situation in Libya may be brought to … Continue reading

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Clouds in M$’s Future

M$ has stated that they are “all-in” for the cloud but it’s not working. In the UK, FaceBook has overtaken MSN as the second most popular website after Google. Twitter is advancing rapidly from the rear. M$ is clearly losing … Continue reading

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ASUS GNU/Linux Netbook Imminent

“Asustek Computer will start marketing its low-priced netbook, the Eee PC X101, in July with models running on MeeGo available at US$199 and those running on Windows 7 available at US$310-350, according to industry sources.”, according to Digitimes. There it … Continue reading

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