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FUD Flows Freely Against FLOSS

The FUD attacking Android/Linux is getting stronger by the week, a sure sign that M$’s “technological evangelism” is being fired up: 2011-6-24 – Lawrence Latif – TheInquirer “

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Gartner and iSuppli Disagree on Semiconductor Sales but Both Predict Growth

Both have revised their estimates for 2011. Gartner’s estimate has gone down from 6.2% to 5.1% growth whiel iSuppli’s estimate has gone up from 7% to 7.2% growth. They are growing apart while both agree that people are buying more … Continue reading

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Oracle’s Case Against Google/Android Caught in the Shredder

USPTO is reviewing Oracle’s patents and finding them full of holes. At this rate, Oracle may have nothing about which to sue Google long before anything gets to trial. So much for the Big Bad Wolf. At the same time … Continue reading

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