Distros Jockeying for Position

It’s not a race but people do keep track of the relative popularity of various distros of GNU/Linux. After years of being at the top of the heap on Distrowatch, Ubuntu has been passed by Mint and Fedora. At the same time openSUSE passed Debian GNU/Linux.

This may be just a glitch and mean nothing but I suspect more newbies are coming to GNU/Linux, checking out Distrowatch sooner or later and choosing middle-of-the-road distros rather than the avant-garde Ubuntu or the old-fashioned Debian GNU/Linux. I suspect many long-term users of Ubuntu are turned off by the Unity thing, and may have visited Distrowatch in order to shop for what they want.

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  1. Remember your first distro you installed? Chances are you did some research on Distrowatch first. I did whenever I was looking for a new distro. I think Distrowatch did not exist when I started. From the bottom of their start page:
    Copyright (C) 2001 – 2011 DistroWatch.com. All rights reserved.

    I think this means Distrowatch is a reasonable indicator of activity by newbies installing a new distro as they likely will visit Distrowatch to find out some basic information. That’s a geeky thing and not likely representative of “consumers” but it’s a predictor of future performance.

  2. Anonymo says:

    Maybe some of the long-term users did get put off by Unity, but I got a bunch of people to use Ubuntu, and they haven’t even heard of Distrowacth. I’d say it’s just that those numbers are not accurate – I can’t remember the last time I went there.
    And Mint is really just a refurbrished version of Ubuntu, it’s just now that they made and additional Debian based edition. And frankly, using Gnome2 as they are is rather stupid.

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