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Distros Jockeying for Position

It’s not a race but people do keep track of the relative popularity of various distros of GNU/Linux. After years of being at the top of the heap on Distrowatch, Ubuntu has been passed by Mint and Fedora. At the … Continue reading

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FreeScale: All the Power You Want in 350 mW

350 milliwatts, playing 1080p60 video. Take that, Intel… FreeScale has released a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 SoC device running at 1.2gHz. This thing will run all manner of personal computers. It was announced back in January and demonstrated at CES2011.

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Archos: The Mature Tablet

Naysayers have found every chink in the tablet PC, but Archos has fixed them all: Power – dual-core 1.5gHz ARM A9 Speed – if Android is too slow for you, how about natively-running GNU/Linux as a dual-boot???!!! Price – $400 … Continue reading

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Canada is the world’s largest producer of sulphur. Yet, it is hard for me to buy some cheaply in Winnipeg. I can get a 300g shaker for $6 at Home Depot, a 2 kg sack at a veterinarian supply house … Continue reading

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