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Nokia Sinks Slowly in the East

The market for cell-phones in Taiwan shows Nokia is sinking. Samsung has become number one. Globally, Nokia still leads handily but share sank 5% points in the past year. With Nokia’s last hope to be Phoney “7” and product not … Continue reading

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eCommerce is Cool

Shopping is fun but sometimes annoying. I am roto-tilling a 1.5 acre lot and my old roto-tiller chews up V-belts rapidly. It fling dirt at the drive-belt and worn bearings have moved the pulleys out of alignment. It is 24 … Continue reading

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And It Came to Pass That Pogson Was Right, Again.

“Several vendors, including Samsung Electronics, Toshiba, Acer and Asustek Computer, plan to develop ARM architecture notebooks, with products possibly to be launched as early as the end of 2011, according to industry sources.” see Digitimes – Several vendors plan to … Continue reading

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