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Who Needs Cyber-Vandals When The FBI is on the Job?

In these days of virtualization of servers and running perhaps dozens of virtual machines on one server, collateral damage can be high when the FBI takes out a server in their zest to fight crime… They raided a hosting outfit … Continue reading

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Are Fools in Power?

There’s news that global corporations with headquarters in USA are asking for a tax holiday on money earned outside the USA returned to the USA. They want the 35% tax rate normally applied to be reduced to 5%. The hope … Continue reading

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Is There Anyone NOT Making Tablets This Fall?

Google, HTC, LG, TI, Toshiba, Dell, HP, Apple, Archos, Amazon, Acer Sharp, Asus, Lenovo, and millions of “white box” tablets. Even the few who are producing tablets running that other OS are producing Android/Linux versions. By the time M$ gets … Continue reading

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Tilera Out-Competes Intel for Servers

Certainly Intel has a larger presence in servers than the upstart, Tilera, but Tilera has a better product due to sample next month in performance/W, and performance/$ Their new product has 36 ARM cores and two nifty DDR3 memory controllers … Continue reading

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