Kingston Technology: SmartPhones and Tablets Here To Stay

The debate about whether or not some new technologies are complementing or competing with the old “PC” technology, largely Wintel, is heating up. When the suppliers of memory components chime in, I think competition is happening. Kingston Technology makes DRAM, the most popular fast memory for PCs and smart thingies. They are seeing that PCs that typically need 2-4 gB RAM for that other OS to run well are being impacted by smart thingies taking 1-2gB RAM. Thus, the effect is real and affecting supply chains long enough for it to affect their bottom lines.

“A slowdown in the PC market has cast a shadow over the outlook for DRAM memory. However, losses in PC consumption of DRAMs are being offset by rising demand coming from the smartphone and tablet PC sectors. The emergence of cloud computing has also spurred demand significantly for advanced server systems.

The market for tablets looks promising for the foreseeable future and I personally don’t think consumers’ thirst for tablet PCs is just a short-term phenomenon.

Kingston itself is also evaluating the possibility of tablets replacing notebooks. Tablets will eat into some notebook sales for sure.

But growth in DRAM consumption is not going to benefit from the rising demand for tablets. Tablets contain up to 2GB of mobile DRAM, when conventional notebooks are built with generally 3-4GB of DRAM. In addition, for tablets there is no space reserved for DRAM upgrade whereas notebooks usually come with slots to allow users to upgrade.

While the popularity of tablets is rising to partially cannibalize the notebook market, demand for home-use desktop PCs are expected to return, which will help drive up total consumption of DRAMs.”

see Digitimes – Looking to ride mobile computing wave: Q&A with Kingston co-founder David Sun

M$ probably agrees or it would not be porting that other OS to ARM… ;=)

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