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Chuckles are Where You Find Them

I find things to laugh about in the strangest places. Looking at a job advertised for “system administrator” I found these details: “You thrive on new technologies and take the initiative to incorporate them into your work” “You will have … Continue reading

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GPL on Trial … Sort Of…

Yet another company is trying to escape the terms of the GPL by suing another company that made changes to the Linux kernel. AVM, a German maker of routers is suing Cybits, a kid-filter company for hacking AVM’s routers to … Continue reading

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Performance Per Watt

The guys who go for high performance really do care about performance per watt because the power bill gets paid. The most powerful computer system on the planet (that we know about) uses 9.89 MW running Sparc64s with a total … Continue reading

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Kingston Technology: SmartPhones and Tablets Here To Stay

The debate about whether or not some new technologies are complementing or competing with the old “PC” technology, largely Wintel, is heating up. When the suppliers of memory components chime in, I think competition is happening. Kingston Technology makes DRAM, … Continue reading

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