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Choice. It Makes all the Difference.

Around the world, folks are reporting that demand by consumers for “PCs” has dropped off. At the same time demand for smart phones and tablets continues strongly. Think what that means… OEMs of PCs are not giving consumers what they … Continue reading

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Adobe Makes Rude Gesture to GNU/Linux

Enough dancing and hand-waving. Adobe has drunken the 1% KoolAid. no more builds of Adobe Air for GNU/Linux except by partners of Adobe ditto Acrobat Reader Commentators pointed out that Adobe does not supply 64bit Flash for GNU/Linux so who … Continue reading

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HP v Oracle – Ellison’s Madness

Despite a public roadmap showing future development of Itanium processors past 2011, Oracle has decided to end support of Itanium systems for its database. HP is suing because it makes a ton of money selling Itanium servers intended to run … Continue reading

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