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Slavery to M$

There are some articles on the web describing what businesses who feel locked in to M$ have to pay to adopt “7”. Some highlights: For every 10 users of IT in the system there is approximately one application that needs … Continue reading

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Donovan Colbert: Microsoft lost mostly on perception over the last 10 years.

Just when I begin to think technological evangelism from M$ has faded, a new wave of even larger lies emerges. We’ve had the browser wars, Get the FUD, SCOG v World, and now we have Donovan Colbert writing, “Microsoft lost … Continue reading

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The “Wrong” Way to do Virtual Desktops

The concept of virtualizing desktops is wonderful. Putting everything in one place so that it is easier to manage and uses less hardware/power/maintenance overall is great. There is a “wrong” way to do it, though. The form of virtualization of … Continue reading

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