Removing an Ugly Coat of Paint on That Other OS

M$ reports that malware infections are way down after AutoRun was finally turned off by default. This “feature” of that other OS, supposedly for the benefit of users, caused $billions of harm over the years and was a singularly poor design choice made by salesmen rather than computer scientists the least bit concerned with security.

AutoRun on consumer PCs has likely cost the world more than the licensing to M$, the down-time due to BSODs, re-re-reboots and the sluggish performance of that other OS. It just was not needed and clearly would result in harm. Why did they introduce it?

see TheRegister – Malware abusing Windows Autorun plummets

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  1. Kolter.Online says:

    lesson learned, right?

    Let’s hope they (continue to) implement this properly.

    Security: always prompt the user for an action. never give them the choice to not ask again.

    Usability: let the user check a box that tells the OS to not bother them with these pesky, malware-avoiding dialogues.

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