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Removing an Ugly Coat of Paint on That Other OS

M$ reports that malware infections are way down after AutoRun was finally turned off by default. This “feature” of that other OS, supposedly for the benefit of users, caused $billions of harm over the years and was a singularly poor … Continue reading

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Neurons Work In Clusters. So Do ARMed Servers.

Calxeda is alive and kicking. They are one of the businesses producing servers based on ARM A9 CPUs lashed together in great numbers. Intel would have us believe that ever more powerful CPUs from them is the future of serving … Continue reading

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Attack of the Smart Phones

No, this blog entry is not about amazing statistics but about real-world usage. Old guys like me with huge hands and fading eyes cannot hold a candle to what young people can do with the smart phone. They walk, talk, … Continue reading

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