Changes at Dell

While Dell seems confused about tablets they seem less confused about notebooks.
“Built For Businesses
With Linux Operating System”

That’s a pleasant change. They still “recommend” that other OS but it’s in small print at the top right, out of mind. The page lists “Linux Operating System” right next to that other OS. For $60 more you get that other OS and 1gB more RAM. Close enough. That other OS is costing an amount one can visualize. A 15 inch notebook for $329 is not bad, if you ask me. That squeezes netbooks pretty hard unless they have to be portable.

To find that page, I searched for “vostro ubuntu” or “vostro linux”. Hey! search actually works if you know the model you want… I searched for “linux” and actually found products like Vostro and Latitude as well as RedHat and Suse software. The “Narrow Your Selection” menu actually finds Vostro notebooks, a few netbooks and a few desktops. That’s refreshing. Clicking on the Dell Optiplex 990 desktop, however, gave me a “404” error. Some models were available with Linux in “select countries” but I could not find the “select countries” easily. The site is not quite there yet, but it is improving glacially.

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4 Responses to Changes at Dell

  1. Contrarian says:

    read into that what you will, but almost all products are marketed in a hierarchy that starts with a minimal system at a low price and is set up to up-sell consmers by implying that the well to do, sophisticated buyer will shun the cheap model and move up the line to the top. That conveys the message that Ubuntu is for the losers and Windows is what you would want if you could afford it.

    Argue all you want about Ubuntu being better than windows, but the people who look at the lineup do not see that and get the exact opposite message.

  2. Yep. Dell hasn’t figured out that they should make GNU/Linux generally available.

  3. Anon says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that the Ubuntu-preloaded PC was limited to the weakest processor available, and that the other models that had better processors didn’t have Ubuntu as an OS option.

  4. Richard Chapman says:

    Dell is a leader in the emerging field of retail obscura.

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