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Changes at Dell

While Dell seems confused about tablets they seem less confused about notebooks. “Built For Businesses With Linux Operating System” That’s a pleasant change. They still “recommend” that other OS but it’s in small print at the top right, out of … Continue reading

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USA is Becoming a Backwater

An interview with Dell reveals that Android tablets are selling like hotcakes all around the world but not in the USA. No matter. The USA’s hang-ups are the world’s gain because production is limited on the supply-side. China will likely … Continue reading

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Good News – My Favourite Supplier is Now Pushing Linux

Well, Android/Linux actually. I get mailings. Today, I received an ad with 7 Android/Linux thingies prominently displayed. No “recommend that other OS” anywhere to be seen. Of the 7, probably 3 are gadgets of which I have written here or … Continue reading

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Yet another “GNU/Linux Desktop is DEAD” FUD-piece. Basically the authour writes that it won’t happen because it won’t happen, a circular argument. He even claims Dell, HP, ASUS and others selling PCs with GNU/Linux is not happening. I agree Dell … Continue reading

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I rant. I usually rant about that other OS messing up or GNU/Linux making great strides. Today I am going to do a counter-rant. Batsov has a rant up about how miserable GNU/Linux on the desktop has made him so … Continue reading

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