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What Goes Around Comes Around

One of the gripes that Linux-haters trumpet is that one needs to use typed commands and text files to do some things on the system. Well, M$ has done such a fine job of convincing IT people that a GUI … Continue reading

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472 Million Smart Phones, 50 Million Tablets and 360 Million PCs

Those kinds of numbers shipping in 2011 mean the end of an era. Hardly any of the smart phones or tablets ship with M$’s software. That leaves M$ with a less than 50% share of IT in 2011. Sure, they … Continue reading

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Creating a New Cash-Cow but Squeezing all the Teats

M$ is all-in for the cloud but leaving all its foot-soldiers slogging in the mud. M$ will pay the channel for the first sale of cloud services but M$ wants the subscriptions all to itself… That’s one of ten reasons … Continue reading

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There’s a report out about phishing attacks on LAMP servers. “The most frequently attacked operating system among survey respondents was Linux OS (76%). Attack victims reported that they used Apache as their web server in 81 percent of the responses, … Continue reading

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Analogies for FLOSS

As a teacher, I love analogies. They connect what students know with what is being taught. They condense a web of ideas into a simplified picture of the essential elements. I came across an analogy for Free versus non-FREE software … Continue reading

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LibreOffice: New AND Improved

OpenOffice.org had centralized control of the project in SUN/Oracle’s hands and they stifled the creativity of developers. Now that The Document Foundation is organizing things in a much more open fashion, developers are flocking in with good ideas: “”LibreOffice is … Continue reading

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Mid-year Forecast of IT’s Future

“SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch believes that mobile devices are the future of the internet as they continue to gain power and mobile broadband develops. … Adobe’s CTO told the crowd in London that mobile devices will be used … Continue reading

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