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Hope for the Indian Reserves

As some may know by reading my blog, I have often taught in remote northern communities, essentially Indian reserves. The reserve system was instituted as a way of solving the “Indian problem”, illegally confiscating the land occupied by North American … Continue reading

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M$ Hoisted on its Own Petard

M$ lost in the SCOTUS because they took a devious route to escaping the i4i lawsuit. Instead of trying to invalidate the patent on grounds of obviousness and prior art, they fell back on something they could not prove, that … Continue reading

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Who In Their Right Mind Would Run Stuff On That Other OS?

M$ has released a bulletin about next week’s Patch Tuesday. It is riddled with “remote code excution” and “privilege escalation”. You know, stuff disastrous to mission-critical applications. Some are for M$’s applications. Some are for the OS. There are too … Continue reading

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Diversity in IT

Recently, several estimates of lower PC production have been published. The latest was by Mark Moskowitz of JP Morgan. He is predicting tiny growth in 2011 over 2010 shipments. A blog post by Ray Tieman, PCs, Tablets: JP Morgan Cuts … Continue reading

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Understatement of the Year by Linus Torvalds

Here many commentators tell me that thin clients will never fly and that desktop PCs must have that other OS but refuse to believe that my GNU/Linux terminal servers and thin clients are much less expensive and have better performance … Continue reading

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