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The World According to Gartner, IDC and Pogson

Gartner, 2011-6-8 “PCs are transitioning from a one-size-fits-all computing platform to a more-specialized device, prized for its ability to complement other devices. “The PC market is experiencing dramatic structural changes,” said Mr. Atwal.” Moving forward, PCs will no longer be … Continue reading

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Libya: Turkey-shoot Begins

“Misurata is under heavy shelling … Gaddafi forces are shelling Misurata from three sides: east, west and south.“ This looks like a counter-attack by Gaddafi to ease the pressure of the noose closing on Tripoli. NATO will shred this attack … Continue reading

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Competition Heats Up and Prices Come Down for Android/Linux Tablets

For $hundreds less than the “industry standard” iPad and some expensive Android tablets, you can buy any of a dozen other good Android tablets. They are competitive. They look good. They work well and the user lacks nothing if iPad … Continue reading

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M$ Attacks its “Partners”

M$’s partners do most of the work, selling, making, shipping and advertising that other OS. Imagine how the “partners” will feel when M$ competes directly with them, shipping its own-brand PCs… “Microsoft is reportedly considering to launch an own-brand tablet … Continue reading

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