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Searching for a Job

Since 1999, I have used EducationCanada.com to find teaching positions. They generally give great service. Today, however, I received an e-mail: Hi, We have become aware of a malware associated with our server. It seems to have appeared within the … Continue reading

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Apache Web Server Grows

I don’t like what ASF seems to be doing with OpenOffice.org but they have a winner with Apache server. Netcraft reports that in the last month: Developer May 2011 Percent June 2011 Percent Change Apache 203,609,890 62.71% 224,484,657 64.88% 2.17 … Continue reading

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Dancing with the Dark Side

We now have a small peek into what transpired between M$ and ARM. Digitimes interviewed the boss of ARM and elicited these comments: “Brown pointed out that the ARM group has tried to launch ARM-based devices that share similar functionalities … Continue reading

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Phoenix is gearing up to provide OEMs a standard environment for interfacing with hardware on ARM. This will be important for that other OS and several others to boot on a wide variety of SoCs. see BIOS designer Phoenix readies … Continue reading

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